Mesh lines are visible in certain SketchUp models...

  • I'm having an issue with some SketchUp models in which the mesh is somehow visible - especially in lower lighting conditions and shadow areas.
    I've tried many things to fix this:
    Welding the vertices together with the Vertex weld tool (Both in SketchUp and back in 3D Studio Max).
    Turning on/off smoothing, and tweaking the settings.
    Applying different materials.
    Doing a pull on some of the polygons in order to give more thickness.

    Nothing helps.
    This isn't for every model - only certain ones.

    Has anyone seen this issue before? I can't find any info out there.


  • Hey landrvr1 , at the moment this behavior is normal, but you should see improvements after increasing the shadow sharpness in our settings.

    Also, another possibility would be Geometry simplification through - this will make the model less high-poly, though this behavior may be reduced even further afterward.