Enscape window should not disappear!

  • Hi

    I see some disadvantage in enscape interface:

    If U use only one monitor Enscape window disappear when U need to see it. For example when U edit material or render settings. It is very uncomfortable. And if U work on scene it should be visible too-it is REAL TIME ADVANTAGE =). Ithink enscape render window should be visible over SketchUp at this moment (may be allways). Look what advanced users have to do to fix this. They install utility on comp to see RT window allways.

    Vray RT for example has not this problem. I hope it will be fixed.

  • Thanks for your feedback Abu , the ability to have the Enscape window pinned to the front, always, is filed in form of a feature request on our agenda. I'm adding your feedback and upvote to that topic.