procediral maps mast have

  • Hi

    There is requests for substance material support. And I would like to have procediral maps in material editor (tile/noise/dirt...) like in other renderers. And sure it is cool to have more than one layer per map slot. There could be blending mode (multyplay/exclude/screen...) for map layers.

    And another feature: why is there slider brightness? it makes the same as Amount as I see. Slider "levels" or "curves" or "GAMMA" would be here more useful..., to transform diffmap to bumpmap for example.

  • There have been a few requests for various layers, but I would suggest that the noise/dirt is more for the gloss map rather than the bump.

    (My suggestion was to make the slider "Contrast" and have the start point in the middle with -100% <-> +100%)