Full release note for 2.7.1 preview 1

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  • Hi,

    I see there are great news in version 2.7.1 Preview 1.
    First of all I notice there is a keyboard key (H) for hide palettes that usually has covered too much of screen, thank you!

    When it comes to the different flight modes and everything else new, can you please link to full technical release note as we need to know the different types of flight mode (see marked yellow in attachment). We need to know how this different modes works.

  • The [H] has been there from the start, however I have found that you can only get access to the "flight modes" when the help bar is active {<- bug}.

    "Perspective" mode is 'normal' 3 point perspective where the x,y and z axis have vanishing points and it looks as you would expect IRL.

    "Two Point Perspective" is normally used by architects who don't like the parallex effect of sky-scrapers looking thinner at the top when you look at them. (Many architectural photographers will also 'correct' images to straighten the verticals too.)

    "Orthographic" is a graphic-design style with no perspective - used to output elevations, plans and 2D isometric views.

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    Hi runeroan

    the features you're referring to are no new addition in the 2.7.1 Preview, which mostly contains bugfixes since the 2.7 Release.

    To get an overview of the features we've added in 2.7 please have a look on this blog post here:

    And the forums announcement here: Enscape 2.7 Released

    Hope that helps! :)