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    What i am missing in the forums is a dedicated hardware forum thread.

    Thanks for your feedback. :) Feel free to ask anything related to hardware if you like though - it may very well be worth considering adding another section for general or hardware related questions.

  • Ah ok, well we use Enscape for sketchup and revit. When loading a sketchup file of 135 megabyte the realtime live rendering is not sharp.

    My question is how hardware creates more sharp realtime live renderings if you look at filesize, large or small 3D scene, etc.

    What we use now are i7/i9 systems with a rtx2070 and a few quadro p1000 cards.

    I cant really compare because 1 system with rtx2070 has revit installed and another with quadro p1000 has sketchup installed. Hardware wise It looks like Enscape behaves like some modern pc games?

    Is there a benchmark utility which can be helpfull to understand which hardware is better for larger and sharper live renderings?

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    The RTX 2070 is ideal to be used with Enscape, but even the Quadro P1000 cards should work with Enscape fine if you lower the Rendering Quality in the Visual Settings. If you experience an image which feels blurry at times, make sure to go into the General Settings -> Performance -> Deactivate Automatic Resolution. Let me know in case the live rendering is still not sharp afterward.