Grass material quality worst than before?

  • Abu , have you made sure, that same texture has been used for both different renderings you took of the grass? Please be aware that our grass takes over the color of the corresponding texture you've used - also, lighting, the time of day and perspective can dramatically change the appearance of the grass in general.

    We have not implemented anything which would make our grass look worse of course, so simply try to import the same texture, or play around with darker grass textures, then you should achieve the same results again. Also, it cannot hurt to up the Rendering Quality as well, just in case you've set it to Medium/Draft.

    Please get back to me in case you're not successful.

  • Hi Demian

    For Landscape visualization grass quality is critical. Everybody can see texture and light no matter-geometry is poor. Old grass sample is 3D but new is like mass of 2d billboards. =(((( And it is realy worst looking than OLD one.

    PS. That Old type grass had not ajustable lenght but looked more natural. Even in bad quality picture it is much nicer!

  • Hi

    Here is another comparison of New fnd OLD types grass:

    1 Look at the edge of road- grass adjoining is not natural looking

    2 in mass grass has too many directions and is not natural looking

    The SAME FILE rendered some time ago:

    1 grass adjoining is natural looking

    2 in mass grass has much more natural looking

  • Abu , just a while ago there was no possibility to edit the grass height and height variation, so please also try to lower both of these amount since it looks like the grass in the old renderings is a bit shorter and less "wild":

    When it comes to the Grass overlapping onto surfaces where you don't want it, as a workaround only apply the grass to about everything but a few centimeters before the ground (where you don't want to have grass) itself starts, then you won't have that problem.

    Furthermore, make sure that you set the Rendering Quality in the Visual Settings to High or Ultra for example before taking a rendering, that may also help achieve a bit better results at least in terms of lighting - I have to say that looking at the last two example you posted, it just seems like you had a different time of day setup in the old renderings, you zoomed in closer and plus as stated above you may just wanna make the current grass shorter and have less variation.

    Please get back to me in case that doesn't help.

  • Having a grass feature in enscape is awesome, and it is definitely better than nothing :-) But i have to admit that I almost never use it, as it simply does not look realistic enough. I always end up using Skatter and custom grass models instead. it is a hassle, but I have to do it to get the quality I need :-)

    I would love for this feature to get a real overhaul, so it could be more on par with what the competition has. Both Lumion and Twinmotion has some incredible looking grass systems in the latest releases :-)

  • Unfortunately it is done. Everybody could see the difference. Old type grass was grate advantage compare vray and others-nice looking and high PC performance. In addition I could use skattered extra plants among enscape grass background. Now it is poor looking simulation with unnatural grass rim =(((

    Here is example with HIGHEST quality and 0 Height and Variations-does not matter for poor looking.

    This feature is very important for quick response design or complex project where PC performance suffer.

    Light conditions and other should not to make grass bed looking-isn`t ly?