Enscape running as a single process

  • Hi again,

    I'm having an issue with Enscape that I think it could be repaired this way.

    I have a very large Revit model (3GB in 14 linked RVT files). This model takes around 10 minutes to load in Revit (and also 10 minutes in Enscape).

    My computer often runs out of RAM (I only"have 16GB) when Enscape is heavy working, and then Enscape frozes. The problem is that I can't "kill" Enscape process in Windows Task Manager, so I have to kill Revit (which is working fine) and lose 10 minutes opening Revit and other 10 minutes opening Enscape again. If I can kill Enscape process alone, I would save Revit session and simply open Enscape again.

    Would be possible to run Enscape as an independent process, avoiding this kind of problems?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

  • xsb Enscape is rendering GPU only so therefor you shouldn't run out of RAM using Enscape.

    As we are a Plug-In for Revit we don't have our own windows process. But we'll have another look at it, maybe there is a way.....we'll check it.