Special Materials (Grass, Foliage)

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  • Hello - I am trying to take advantage of some of the special materials such as grass and foliage. for some reason they are not working or stopped working at some point. Glass and water seem to work okay but grass and foliage do not. Any suggestions to get this working? I am up to date on my version of enscape.

    Also - I already tried some of the suggestions in other posts like adding the material to the other side of the face, switching the orientation of the face, and adding a thickness...

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    Hi KZiegel ,

    well, thank you for sparing me to recommend those exact ideas how to resolve this issue. That sounds quite strange. One more thing that comes to my mind is that there might be another keyword in the material name, so, if, for example, your material is called "Vegetation - Grass", the grass keyword would not be recognized. (That would also be true for "Grass - Vegetation". There's a certain internal order)

    If this is not the explanation for this issue, is there a chance you could share that project with us, or alternatively a small sample project in which this issue occurs, as well? Please send it to support@enscape3d.com and we'll love to have a look at that!