Textures missing and interior very dark

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  • Hello all.

    I hadn't used Enscape since the last update. I'm having a couple of issues with the latest release.

    The first one has been an issue before. When I export to a standalone web app, some textures are missing and the colours are both too bright and too dark.

    Here is the link for the standalone:


    The second issue could be me not knowing the full details of the release.

    When I walk into the interior of the building or do an interior rendering, the is very dark.

    Now I don't have any actual interior lights in my model, but I never needed them previously.

    Do we now need to have physical lights in the model or am I just missing a setting?

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    Thanks for your post desiign .

    Regarding the first topic, there are differences between then .exe (or normal Enscape version) and web standalone - foremost, you can compare the Rendering Quality to Draft mode, which means that lighting calculations and such are not as complex, thus causing these obvious differences to in return offer decent performance when viewed in a browser.

    In this case I'd have to have a look at the project itself (if you can send it over, you can use wetransfer.com for example and send me the link via a private message) to see which textures are not being translated, alternatively or additionally you can also post a few screenshots of the material itself in the Appearance editor which is too dark, right next to the normal Enscape window.

    Furthermore, if you do not have any lights in your interior areas, it'll be naturally dark - we definitely recommend placing lighting around the model, especially if you want to present it during night time mode too.

  • Demian, thank you for your reply.

    I do know the differences between the normal version and the web standalone; I have been using Enscape for years.

    Also, I have been using Enscape through the life of this mentioned project. The differences I've mentioned are how things behaved previous to the Enscape update compared to now. I never had textures missing and the contrast wasn't as bad as it is now; and to clarify, this only happens with the web standalone.

    I have the latest drivers for my video card, so it's not that.

    As for the lighting, I've never had to physically put in lighting fixtures previously. Interior rendered beautifully too. So I guess I'll have to add now.

    What email address shall I use to send to you via wetransfer?

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    You can use the e-mail support@enscape3d.com. Let me know once you've uploaded the project then I'll have a look! Thanks a lot in advance, I'll be able to troubleshoot why the textures are missing and generally why it behaves in the way it does.

    Also, it cannot hurt to send in a feedback report with your log files - Just in case we cannot reproduce that issue of yours with the project.

  • Here's something strangely interesting that I will add.

    This is with the latest Enscape build that was released today.

    I did 2 separate Web Standalone files. The first one is from when I first launch the 3D Revit model.


    The second Web Standalone is from after making a sunlight adjustment as the model when first launched in Enscape it too dark.


    Stone and other materials are still missing.

    I would think that they should be the same?

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    Alright, apparently the Web Standalone doesn't like the .bmp file format. I changed the blacked out materials to .jpeg and that fixed the missing materials issue.


    I'll try to reproduce this myself. Still, if possible please feel free to send me a dedicated .bmp file which is not properly rendered in the Web Standalones.