Asset People much too dark

  • Hi All
    why are the asset people always much too dark and what trick is there to avoid this?

    ( I think, somewhere here in the forum was already something about this topic - but I can't find it)

  • Hello EGIE, like in real life indoor scenes with little natural light can look quite dim.

    I you want to improve the lighting condition for certain glamour shoots, you can cheat a bit and take a hint form photography. Use large diffuse light sources to illuminate the scene, like so:

    If you don't want to set up each and every shot like this and have sensibly setup indoor lighting, you can try to adjust the "Artificial Light Brightness" under the Atmosphere tab in the Visual Settings. Maybe that works for you out of the box.

  • many thanks Sean Farrell for your hints - hmm, actually a successful, quite realistic scene illumination. The person should serve as secondary "decoration" only. So any separate lighting effort here would be nonsense ... Still I think the characters are too dark.

  • I run in this issue in the past too. My impression was that the gamma correction of the asset textures is to strong, so that colors and contrast are quite strong. But maybe it's a question of the users taste too. I would prefer a more fresh and light look.

  • Sean Farrell I'm not sure my personal assets are from the same resource like the Enscape assets, but during my last project per V-Ray and models from Renderpeople I found, that the peoples texture looks better if I set the gamma of the texture 0.6 instead 0.45 (1/2,2). Could it be that the textures are created at the old Mac standard gamma 1.8?

    Here an example - left standard gamma correction for 2.2 (blacks are very dark and skin tone to dark/colorful) and left for 1.8 (softer colors).

  • ... I want to remind to this - still and even under good daylight conditions the people look as if they had booked a season ticket in the solarium :/ -
    and am curious if there are plans to correct this?

  • Like I wrote I rendered renderpeople models per V-Ray and there I have seen an equal effect like I have seen at Enscape, the people was looking dark and to contrastful. In V-Ray it's easy to edit the gamma of textures.

    Maybe you could test a workaround for your Enscape scene. If you create a standalone version and start this, than the textures are saved in a temporary file. Maybe there is a way to edit this textures and get them loaded. Also I remember me that Herbo edited the default grass texture. So, there seems to be a way to edit textures.

  • Thanks Micha - I think the right way should be that Enscape´s native library should be fixed here so as not to cause hundreds of people to tinker individually for hours - nobody has time for that (and I don't even have the necessary skills) ;)

  • Hey everyone, I could gladly forward a feature request to allow you to adjust the brightness/gamma of our Assets, but since they are accurate physically from a material standpoint, a general slider could ruin that, especially for inexperienced users.

    We are also always focusing on providing strictly correct PBR ranges for all the Assets available. More than often the surroundings should instead be adjusted from a color/material standpoint, not the Assets themselves.

    Still, if you like I can forward your inquiries as a feature request.

  • We have diverse library of people with many different skin tones. Here is a selection of a few light colored ones. The albedo values used for our models are physically measured values and under reasonable lighting conditions they look correct.