Animation - questions and wishes

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  • Hi,

    it looks like one of my clients like to get an animation soon and so I did some tests. First - it's a nice basic animation tool, makes fun to use!

    I have some questions and wishes:

    * Where can I find the single frame images? (for best quality without compression, good for photoshop stack edit, ...)

    * How can I use the background alpha mask for animations? (for product design animations)

    * Please allow to manual set the max duration count at the slider, for example at 30s.

    * It could be nice to control the intensity of motion blur.

    * How can be GI flickering avoided ? (I tested an animation in white mode with outlines.)

    * Please find a way to render a rotation around an object and the camera distance is constant. Maybe an animation option like "only cam rotation" could help. Good for animation where an object is in focus.

    * Some noise at reflections is static and looks like fine dirt on the screen.

    * An antialiasing filter like "gaussian radius 1.3" could help against Moire effects on fine geometric details.

    * It could be nice to get two interpolation drop down menus, one for start position and for stop position. (For example it's standard for video editing effects to set independent interpolations for start/stop.) So, a first part of an animation could start smooth and ends linear and the second part of the animation could linear start and smooth stop. One of my important wishes. ;) )

    Great to see that the focus point can be animated too. Maybe it could be added to the tutorial.

    * Please save the DoF amount for start and end position. (Maybe easy to implement.)

    * Please save the exposure brightness for start/stop. Nice for animations effects or better control for changing lighting situation.


    • Official Post

    Hi Micha ,

    thanks a lot for your detailed feedback.

    • There's no image sequence being exported at this point - just the resulting video file. However, I have filed the question as feature request.
    • Same here, no background alpha mask being created for videos -> Filed as feature request.
    • Increase max duration -> Filed as feature request.
    • Control for Motion Blur Intensity -> Filed as feature request.
    • We're working on improving the GI quality, but some flickering will be hard to avoid. Make sure you have Rendering Quality set to at least high. You could also increase the Noise reduction quality in the "Capture" settings tab, although this will only tackle the issue indirectly.
    • Render orbit around obkject -> Filed as feature request.
    • Some noise at artifacts is static -> Would you be able to share an example of that with us?
    • Have you had a look at the Noise reduction slider in the "Capture" tab? Would that be a solution? Please let me know why if not. Thank you!
    • Independent interpolation settings per waypoint -> Filed as feature request.

    Great to hear you like this feature. I've actually mentioned it in the tutorial. Was that unclear?

    • Feature Request
    • Feature Request

    Again, thanks a lot for the insight!

  • Kaj Burival

    Thank you for taking time to set in on the wish list. Here an example of the static noise - on the ceiling and below the left seats, on the metal holder.…e_2017-10-26-08-34-07.mp4

    The noise reduction slider against moire effects cause extreme render times. I suppose a simple antialiasing by a light blurry sampling is a much faster solution. My impression is that a light blurriness is a classic way to avoid edge flickering and moire. But it's not a simple added blurriness, if I understand it right. There are some papers about this topic at the web. Simple conclusion - the video output is to sharp and it could be nice to enable a filter some times.