Depth of Field - Focal Point, auto focus and manual

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  • In nearly each model now, I've been having trouble controlling image focus. Depth of Field with Auto Focus on, seems hard to tell if it's doing anything at times but generally does keep things in general focus. DOF with autofocus off, which let's you choose the Focal Point range in meters doesn't appear to work much for me. It was noticeably difficult to get right in a small interior room attempt, and later a larger exterior campus was harder yet. In the campus exterior, I measured distances in Revit to match the manual Focal Point to. That didn't seem to noticeably do anything. I see things flicker at times when changing the slider, but no go on the focus/blur changes. So I decreased distance by half, then by two thirds, still nothing. Then started extending it beyond the desired depth and could see no change occur to the target area or the trees way off in the background. Auto Focus also again difficult to know what it's doing as I've had trouble getting anything at any distance to resolve with great clarity. Close ups are great.

    I did notice a severe blur occur on everything when bringing the Focal Point in to 1 meter or so or less. But it was a stark jump to unusable. My exterior examples needed focus targets at 16m and 35m, and 50m for different shots. I tried getting trees in the 300ft range to focus or blur for an extreme test and cause items up close to blur or sharpen, but nothing happens. I was able to occasionally get tree leaves and such within 3 feet to blur when needed. But I'm not getting good enough clarity needed at the building 60 feet away then. Autofocus also wouldn't bring the building into good enough focus when it was center stage, albeit 50m out.

    Was difficult to achieve a really detailed image from any zoomed out distance view and was forced to get up close, export images and then panorama stitch them later in PS (which also forced me to manually move trees into incorrect positions as a workaround to get the view we were looking for. Could this be graphic card related, my user error, or something else? I know I've used a Sketchup real time renderer once before that allowed you to use the mouse to move/lock an AF lock and so forth around the image. Is something like that possible in the future, or do I just need to correct what I'm attempting now? The Focal Point range selector you have seems ideal to me if in fact I could get it to respond correctly.

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  • Ok. Problems fixed. I did need a graphic card driver update, and also updated Enscape to 1.9.1. Everything is much more stable lighting wise right now, and I'm able to more accurately adjust focal point and depth of field. At least to where the manual adjustments make sense.

    Carry on and thanks for the quick update. Only thing to learn is if everything seems out of wack, try updating your graphic card drivers first. I should have known better. This is running smooth now, best ever. 980GTX card/win7

  • Great to hear that it's working now!

    In such cases you can send us Feedback at first, using the [Feedback] button in the Enscape context menu.

    So we get all the information necessary to identify the cause of this issue.