Select predetermined materials

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  • Hey guys,

    Having just come from a meeting where we used Enscape, I thought I'd write this whilst the idea is fresh in my head.

    We were showcasing the interior of a school/college that we've designed to the head of the school. In the meeting we were discussing everything from floor and wall finishes to doors and windows, and we had a table full of brochures of the products we were specifying; carpets, vinyl flooring etc.

    It became quickly apparent that a GREAT feature to have in VR would be the ability to click (using your oculus/htc controller) on an object and assign it a different material - these materials could be ones that I've set up prior to the meeting. So for example, we had specified grey doors in our original model, but the client wanted to see what it'd look like with timber door finishes - something that required us to go back into Sketchup to do, which then required finding the right wood texture, then tweaking the colour of it to match our sample (something that could have been done beforehand).

    These material "choices" could then be saved into the .exe export that we then send to the client so that they can play around with different combinations themselves - though only from a select set of predetermined materials that I have created.

  • Macker Thank you for your valuable feedback!

    We already thought about the ability to change materials inside VR, the topic got your upvote.

    For now:

    Using Revit, you could predefine a couple of design option for design reviews.

    Or if your sample materials are prepared inside Revit/SketchUp you should manage to switch very fast between them.