RDC support and/or launch-less standalone export

  • A few teething problems aside, our company is transitioning to work from home fairly well - using RDC over vpn to drive our workstations remotely and, lag aside, get almost at-desk working performance.

    Save, except for, Enscape.

    Now I know it's come up before (perhaps by myself) that the native Windows RDC client does not support Enscape (launches) - and that other remote platforms potentially may*... and i know I almost allude to doubling-down on the please-please-please in my thread title, but we know it's not Enscape's problem that Windows RDC doesn't support te OpenGL stuff...

    So, as a workaround... would it be possible to create standalone exports without needing to launch the viewer? We are fairly confident in our presets, saved views and model content to do this - and then we could either bring the .exe to our local machine - or get to sharing it with our clients & consultants (albeit "blind")

    ...anyone got any suggestions/recommendations? I found RealVNC really clunky.

  • snowyweston due to the current health situation we are aware that many of our customers may be forced to work from home, which means you may have to use Enscape remotely if you can not install it directly on to the machine that you will be using at home.

    Enscape does not support Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which is the protocol used by Windows when remotely connecting to your office machine. But, we can suggest that if you are logged in behind a Windows Server (which supports multiple users) then the hardware acceleration, which is not supported via RDP by non-Server Windows Operating Systems, should then be available. This means it should be possible to use Enscape remotely. It would be recommended that a dedicated box is used to host the Windows Server in this instance and you should refer to your IT Administrator to have this organised for you.

    Of course, you should also check the requirements of the CAD you are using in regards to RDP.

    If no central node is possible then you may be able to use Citrix or Teamviewer as well.

    But, your company will need to provide the infrastructure and licenses for the use of these. :)