Improvements from 1.9 to 2.0

  • Hi

    I've got two queries and they're kind of separate but probably best to put them down in one request.

    1. I've been asked about what engine Enscape uses, which I honestly wouldn't know. Are you able to explain or is it somewhere on your website where you can point me to?

    2. We are currently using v1.9 and i know the current is v2. The issue I have is that my firm is refusing to acknowledge that v2 is more significant in terms of features from v2 to what we are using now and so will not consider upgrading until they deem it with more 'significant' features. I disagree with their stance however I have to accept this and provide substantial evidence to convince them otherwise.

    (things like the grass feature is one alone).

    Do you have a document or breakdown of all the features or any text or anything that I can then use to build up my case? Or maybe if there's a new release coming soon??? :thumbsup:

    My main concern is generally we tend to upgrade on a yearly or two yearly cycle, however i think that there's just too much of a gap between what we can currently produce in enscape with secondary enhancements through PS, compared to what I've seen in the current version. We also use Revit.

    This is probably too burdensome to answer but thought I would put it out there - any help would be extremely appreciated.


    1. Enscape does not use any third party rendering engine, it's all developed on our own to meet the requirements of architecture as best as possible. Architecture rendering is not comparable to the requirements of a game and vice vera.
    2. You can check our blog for a video and descriptions. Beside of that, I always recommend to use the newest version. It's not only for new features (which is certainly nice) but a big part of our improvements concern stability, speed and quality. Overall, you get a much nicer quality with Enscape 2.x than 1.9. Give it a try! And yes, we will release v2.1 in a few weeks. You can check the preview version to get an impression.
  • Thomas , thanks for clarifying the first point.

    For the second point, the problem I have is trying to convince those who aren't really concerned with image quality and stability etc like we architects are, but rather just see it as a minor iterative jump in versions.

    I will have to see how best to present my case to get the latest upgrade.