Standalone export file

  • Hello,

    I do not work with sketchup at all but i got a stand alone export file from a company that we hired.

    Just wondering is the hardware reqs are the same for a smooth playback of the exported file.

    I was just about to buy a new computer anyway and i am thinking about a Dell XPS 7590 with a nvidia GTX 1650.

    Is this hardware enough to get a smooth playback to show my customer as a demo?

    Thanks in advance


  • Since the Enscape Standalone Excutable file provides the exact same experience and quality as within the full version of Enscape, it also requires the same System Requirements, including a 64-bit Windows OS, Windows 7 or later, and an OpenGL 4.4-compatible NVIDIA / AMD graphics card.

    If these conditions are being met, the reason for an Enscape Standalone Executable file not running is almost always an outdated graphics card driver. So also make sure that the graphics card drivers are up to date once you acquired the machine. Generally, in your case the machine should be more than plenty to view the standalone files just fine!

  • The P2000 is also not bad for Enscape, but I think the GTX 1650 should have the better price/performance ratio. :) You may wanna check out this site here for a quick comparison for example.