How to match camera path in Enscape and SketchUp

  • Hello!

    I am trying to have a perfect sync between an animation in SketchUp and Enscape, because I have to overlay the 2 animations in post production later.

    I am able to perfect match the camera position in the 2 softwares keeping a 3 point perspective, having found the perfect correspondence between focal lenght and angle of vision, but the issue is that the interpolation of the path between camera keyframes is different.

    I mean, the animation is perfect when it passes at the camera setup position, but after that diverges.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Maybe a plugin in SketchUp to emulate the same behavior in Enscape?

    The reason I want to merge the 2 animations is that in SketchUp I have a point cloud that is obviously invisible in Enscape.

    Thank you in advance,


  • gnuiorca_mda , at least at the moment it is not possible to fully sync the view output from Enscape to SketchUp itself, only the other way around using View Synchronization. A workaround would perhaps be to create multiple scenes and move through them in SketchUp itself, since Enscape will also follow suit. But, depending on the project this may be a bit laggy. Still, something you may wanna try - be aware, that you'd also have to screencapture Enscape instead of creating a video.

    Furthermore, I'll gladly add another upvote to the request on our agenda to allow point cloud rendering if you like!