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    1. Continuo a notare nei rendering interni che negli angoli di giunzione tra pareti verticali e soffitto, entra una luce fastidiosa, come se ci fosse una crepa. L'ho risolto creando una specie di controsoffitto esterno. Ti chiedo se esiste un modo più semplice per risolvere questo fastidioso inconveniente. Grazie e buona fortuna per i prossimi aggiornamenti.

    Translation (google translate):

    "I continue to notice in the internal renderings that in the junction corners between vertical walls and ceiling, an annoying light enters, as if there was a crack. I solved it by creating a kind of external suspended ceiling. I ask you if there is an easier way to solve this annoying inconvenience. Thanks and good luck for the next updates."


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  • Hey arch.s.patane , check out this article here:

    Why do I see a light glow in areas without any gaps?

    "This behavior can be resolved/improved by increasing the thickness of the corresponding geometry or by creating a second non-transparent wall behind, and in some cases, if you have a rather large ground plane in your project, reducing its size is known to help as well."

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    1. Grazie mille. È quello che ho fatto finora, ma speravo che questo problema potesse essere risolto negli aggiornamenti. Puoi inserire questa richiesta? Grazie

    Please kindly make us of google translate or any other translator to post your text in English, so that everyone can read what you're asking. :) In this case, be assured that this is something in which we do our best to improve it with future updates, thank you for the feedback in general.