• Good day.

    Am using Escape V 2.6 for Archicad 21 . I tried all my best to set my model to have Archicad lights so that they can appear in my Escape but they could not appear . I tired most of the Archicad lights and altering their light settings but it failed . Can any body help me to resolve this issues.


    Adam L

  • Welcome to our forum lubinga , thanks a lot for your post, I'm sorry to hear about this behavior.

    First off, is there any chance they are only not visible when the time of day is set to daytime? In this case, if you select nighttime instead via Shift + Right Mouse Button + move the mouse to the right or left, then do the lights become visible? Also, please make sure that the "Artificial Light Brightness" slider in the Atmosphere tab is not to 0% for some reason.

    Please be aware that broad daylight usually crushes any lights you have in your project, especially then when you have a lot of windows in the scene which let sunlight in. In this case you'll have to turn the lights up substantially, or set the time of day to night and/or sunset/sunrise for example.