Texture RGB Color Doesn't Match Enscape Material Color Picker

  • Do you have any photos as examples? I had a similar experience a while back with car colors and it turned out to be Enscape materials settings automatically setting the colors to metallic when they weren't metallic. I may be misunderstanding the question entirely though.

  • Thanks but that is not the problem. All setting between the materials are identical.

    This is not urgent as I was able to *manually* (rolls eyes) adjust the input texture to match the color picker in Enscape. Which is what made me write the question... there has to be a better way.

    I will wait for the Enscape team, if this is not unique to me they certainly already know about it.

  • When I use a solid color texture with the same RGB values as a material created with the Enscape color picker, the resulting material using the texture is much darker.

    How do I get them to match?

    Can you kindly share a few screenshots of that behavior? I'm not sure if I'm following the same procedure like you, so if you can also briefly share your steps that would be great - also, why are you not simply making use of the material editor to define your colors etc. in the first place? :) Hope I'm not missing something.

  • why are you not simply making use of the material editor to define your colors etc. in the first place?

    For decals... floating geometry with alpha channel causes artifacts. I need to bake the decal into the same color as the remainder of the geometry.

    To elaborate on the steps....

    1. Make a material in Enscape. Default Type, RGB 25, 67, 90 50% Roughness, 50% Specular (It really doesn't have to be only these values, I see the effect for a range of Roughness and Specular)

    2. Make a texture in photoshop RGB 25, 67, 90. Save to jpg.

    3. Creat new Default Type material, load texture, adjust Roughness and Specular to 50% (again, the effect is not specific to this Roughness and Specular setting, just make sure the two material settings match)

    4. Place each material on geometry side by side, I was using two cylinders but could be anything.

    5. Launch Render and view from multiple angles.

    If the rgb values from the texture were read by Enscape as exactly the RGB values used to create the texture, logically the two materials would look exactly alike. I find the one with the texture to be significantly darker and less saturated.

    Perhaps it is a gamma issue. I am asking because I assume you have observed this and would have some insight.

    Are you able to use a texture with the same RGB color as defined in Enscape and make them match?

    If so, please let me know what process you recommend for doing this and I will try that.