2 Opposite Glasses, 1st & 2nd Bounce of reflections problematic.

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  • The reflection im getting is really weird..on this particular image i have 2 opposite planes.. 1 being the "face mirror glass" 2. is the Glass panel both are reflective..

    but i notice the reflection on the 1st bounce..( surrounding objects-non reflective) is quite ok... but as soon as it hits the 2nd Glass panel (also reflective) the reflection i get on that object has distortion and the objects that is being reflected lost its colors.. now its just plain..white as shown on my attachments. (Lift Lobby-Scene)

    Lift-Lobby Scene

    Nb. 2nd sample image is just a test also a Lift LOBBY but i added a GLASS MIRROR as u can see it is reflecting something but the reflection itself is distorted and has thickness into it..

    Reflection has Thickness

    Thank you Guys in advance.. appreciate if someone has experience this and found a fix..



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    thanks Thomas..any idea as to why and how to counter this effect?


    Welcome to our forum xrowdac , just be so very kind as to give us a touch of time after posting a problem / feature request or anything else before - we will answer in time so no worries about that. :)

    Regarding the behavior you described, please kindly read through the following FAQ article here:

    Why are some of my objects/parts of my project not displayed in reflections?

    This should give you the information you need - summed up:

    - Try to avoid these "second bounces" of reflections as real-time performance optimizations do not allow something like an "infinity mirror" (yet) as the most extreme example

    - Try to have the objects you want to see reflected in true detail with all the materials in your view. This will make it easier to render since everything is already located in the so called "screen space".

    In your second example you also have a billboard which is basically just a 2D object - I advise to use a dedicated 3D Model from our Asset Library for example (under "People") as this should also give you a better reflection output.

  • Many Thanks... appreciate the time u gave.. now all is well at least i wont go crazy tryin to figure it out.. Cheers..