Limit area of VR walkthroughs

  • Hi everyone,

    I use Enscape for viz and customer presentations in VR. It's a great tool for presenting spaces to clients with no prior knowledge to planning!

    However: I'd love to limit a specific area to be walkable in VR - so that clients don't use their time teleporting into areas that haven't been modeled yet.

    (Some people also love exiting a building and then walking into eternity trying to reach the background image :rolleyes:)

    Also, sometimes it happens that someone teleports into or up a wall, which is unfortunate bc then you need to explain them how to get out of it or exit the application and restart.

    Please note that we are dealing mainly with people with no prior experience of navigating in VR, i'd like to 'simplify' their walkthroughs so that they get the best out of it.

    So in short my question is: Is it possible to pre define a specific area within a model that is walkable in VR?

    Thanks a lot in advance and thanks for developing Enscape, it's been so much fun working with it so far!


  • roh , azault , please kindly refer to this thread here:

    Invisible Boundaries

    This has been requested before quite a few times - I'm further adding your up-votes to the topic. In the meantime you may have to set up transparent / invisible walls for example to keep users from teleporting to locations where they shouldn't.

    If they perhaps shouldn't teleport around the model in the first place, another alternative would be giving them an Xbox (360 or One) controller which is also supported by Enscape, this way they could only walk (or fly if they enable it), but not teleport.

  • Reactivating this old thread...

    One up from my side on being able to limit area to move/teleport. Demian Gutberlet

    I just tried the invisible wall workaround you proposed and came over a potential bug.
    It only works for me as long as I run the VR session straight from the modeling software (Rhino+Enscape) but it does not work when exporting a standalone. Here it does not matter if I fly or walk, I straight go through the boundary. That is unfortunate.

    We often times run our VR scenes form standalones because of packaging of all textures and easier distribution if the VR session is not inhouse. The opportunity for the boundary wall/geofence is an absolute must have. Please include in future release.