Revit Materials - Supported/Not Supported Features

  • Hello!

    When I first started creating my Revit PBR Materials (with the new shaders), I noticed there is no documentation about which features are supported or not by Enscape. I mean, it's easier for the Enscape's team to document all features and functions supported, than for us to have to test parameters that we suppose should be working (because if they are available on Revit Material tab, we assume they are supported).

    For example:

    Layered materials are not supported;

    Anisotropy is not suppported;

    And so on..

    I think this would help everybody who uses Revit, especially those who are starting with Enscape

  • comcasa , thanks a lot for your post. :)

    We do have resources readily available in our knowledgebase here:

    And, feel free to check out our dedicated Revit materials article here:…evit-material-parameters/

    This will give you an idea regarding which Appearance tab parameters we support.

    Please let me know in case there is anything else you need assistance with.