URGENT!!!!!| WARN | Could not claim hotkeys. Another CAD process is unresponsive.

  • Hi,

    Have a strange issue that is happening with both my work and personal computers when using rhino 6.

    My Rhino window now sometimes get stuck minimized in the windows tool bar. If hover over the Rhino 6 icon in my tool bar and select the model I want to work on it briefly appears before then hearing the windows error (ding) and the window disappears. I can not get back into that session, the only way is to close it and open it again.

    The only clue i am getting is the warning below in the command line of the session it happens to. I have been though the Rhino forums with this issue however it has now started with Revit and people pointed me towards Enscape...

    04:00 [1] | WARN | Could not claim hotkeys. Another CAD process is unresponsive.

    This is a major issue in our firm and is slowing work!!!!!!!

  • We're aware of this behavior, our apologies for the inconveniences caused by this. We're actually in the development of resolving this currently, so you can expect a fix rather soon. Also, in case you haven't already, make sure you're using our latest release.

  • Update: Our developers resolved a problem in which this message spam was displayed for example when multiple versions of Rhino are open and rapidly switching between them would cause this, however, this will not to solve the problems where the Rhino window cannot be activated and an error sound is played. The hotkey warning messages are just a symptom of this problem. Can you try to disable the Enscape plugin and also try to replicate the problem?

  • I'm afraid, this particular problem when it comes to the warnings is not related to Enscape directly. It's rather an issue located in Rhino and we're in contact with McNeel to resolve this.

    julywarm , tadavis , please send in a feedback report then:


    And in the submission form, just include a link to this thread for reference.