Colours of trees over saturated

  • Hello,

    Is there a way, or a work around to turn down the saturation of the trees in Enscape? The trees are over saturated and look fake (like a video game) I want to use Enscape to walk around and show a client but I am going to have to use 3rd party trees because they are too green.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.
    However, it is necessary to evaluate the results because we still get requests for more saturated trees.

    We are going to give them a dedicated checkup.

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  • I hesitate to "complain" about what is truly a wonderful asset library, however I would agree that they are both over-saturated and too dark in many cases.

    I often have to revert to sketchup trees so I can control the color. It seems no matter what tree I pick they are all the same saturated / dark color. Particularly for street trees around a building and for site drawings like attached they need to be much lighter which many are in reality. It seems no matter what tree in the asset library I pick it has the same dark almost kelly green. The front row of trees in this image are SKP trees. There are 6-7 varieties of the enscape tree beyond. I personally really need more variety (particularly lighter) so I have to revert to proxies / skp when I would prefer not to. I am working on a diagramatic site aerial where I placed all Enscape trees and now I regret it as they are too dark and I can not control short of p-shop I guess.

  • It will be great if material can be adjusted. If not possible, at least adjusting brightness / saturation.