Colours of trees over saturated

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  • Hello,

    Is there a way, or a work around to turn down the saturation of the trees in Enscape? The trees are over saturated and look fake (like a video game) I want to use Enscape to walk around and show a client but I am going to have to use 3rd party trees because they are too green.

  • I hesitate to "complain" about what is truly a wonderful asset library, however I would agree that they are both over-saturated and too dark in many cases.

    I often have to revert to sketchup trees so I can control the color. It seems no matter what tree I pick they are all the same saturated / dark color. Particularly for street trees around a building and for site drawings like attached they need to be much lighter which many are in reality. It seems no matter what tree in the asset library I pick it has the same dark almost kelly green. The front row of trees in this image are SKP trees. There are 6-7 varieties of the enscape tree beyond. I personally really need more variety (particularly lighter) so I have to revert to proxies / skp when I would prefer not to. I am working on a diagramatic site aerial where I placed all Enscape trees and now I regret it as they are too dark and I can not control short of p-shop I guess.

  • A request for more saturated trees seems like a crazy request. The trees are barely usable for us architects who are looking to illustrate a building within its context. The trees, vegetation and all other assets are meant to compliment the architecture, not drown it out.

    I would suggest a saturation slider for the trees and vegetation.