Presentation of the architectural project with multiplayer setting

  • The function to create an .exe file for offline viewing of a 3D tour is a very good idea. And I have an idea how to improve this function. You can add multiplayer to the .exe file to present large architectural objects or cities. This is a very important psychological component for increasing sales of architectural projects. When future customers will be able to stroll around the future city or neighborhood and at the same time see other people or interested customers. Perhaps even gets to know them and discuss common problems with future neighbors, the establishment of social ties.

    And you can also add a presentation of the project in infographics, how many residents will be in the city, what infrastructural objects, etc.

    Perhaps this is the future of 3D editors, or perhaps you will be able to bring this future closer now.

  • Thanks a lot! I can see this being a useful feature for Enscape indeed in the future - no ETA's or promises I can make yet, but the ability for a multiplayer mode is a demanded topic on our agenda, to which I've gladly forwarded your upvote to show the further demand for this.