HELP!!! how to Switch lights on/off and open doors in VR for Rhino!!

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  • Hello all,

    I have been using Enscape for about a week and I am familiar with VR and the way it works and navigates. I have everything setup perfectly and I only have one question.

    How can I setup the program to where I wanna turn on/off the lights, open doors, turn on/off fireplace, and move books, cups, forks etc..? I know how to change time and lights and fireplaces turn on during night time however I want to control it manually and turn it on/off at any time.

    Please advise and thank you so much for the amazing and awesome software!

  • talal638

    Changed the title of the thread from “Switching lights on/off and opening doors in VR for Rhino!!” to “HELP!!! how to Switch lights on/off and open doors in VR for Rhino!!”.
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    This kind of VR interaction is not yet implemented. But, we have feature requests for these subjects on our agenda - I've gladly forwarded your feedback and upvotes to each. :) Also, a warm welcome to our forum!