How to apply a decorative film to glass in Revit

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to apply a decorative film by 3M to a curtain panel in Revit. The image of the product is attached - Fasara Linen.

    If I apply the film as a material to the curtain panel, the texture wraps all the way around the panel creating an unaligned texture.

    I have tried creating a panel that has a transparent plastic curtain panel and then painting to one side but it becomes a grey finish.

    I have tried applying a decal to the face of the curtain panel but it makes everything behind the panel appear as if it has changed to a white model.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Ahh, great question, but I've had success with doing this.

    It comes down to how you create the revit material, where some or even most glass templates don't have all of the settings necessary to adjust for this effect.

    What I do is make a glass material in revit, which has ability to set a transparency file/image, and also the bump map. So create a new material which has these variables to adjust. You may find a glass template that you can duplicate and adjust, but its east to just create one.

    So two steps: make a material with the settings necessary, and then find or create the bump map type of files to put into these settings.

    If your texture is unique, just find a way to find a normal map or bump map image file that comes close or you can tweak, etc...

    Be sure to set your transparency and bump map image files to the same size by adjusting their settings for each in the editor.

    Here are a couple of images of a glass stair railing I worked on recently where I've done the above technique.

    Here is a snapshot of the material and their setting variables you will need to adjust:

    Sort of crappy to see below, but im just showing where transparency and bump maps are enabled and same image file is put into both with same scale.

    Best of luck!!