• I found my old test scene

    Is this a new render of an old scene? Or the old renders?

    I've seen some changes in the recent versions; had to play with the ambient light volumes to get it to look right... especially for indirect light through windows - ie north facing with no direct sunlight.

  • First I think there's some confusion regarding terms: There's direct sunlight coming through the window hitting the counter and the shelf very visibly as it casts a distinct shadow of the window's frame. There's also indirect lighting involved both bounce light from the sun light in the room and indirect light coming from outside the window (mainly atmosphere lighting).

    I think the retouches you made with photoshop are more or less things that are related to the materials of the objects - you made them smoother/more reflecting. That's something you should be able mimic with material adjustments as well. The table does have a reflection of the outside, it's just fainter than in your photoshop, as the material is probably setup as rather rough.

    But I'd prefer we keep further discussion out of johann's thread as this is rather off-topic!

  • Clemens Musterle I tested the ambient slider and it perfect solves the problem at my test scene. Thank you for the ambient slider hint - powerful parameter and good to be careful used.

    I want to come back to Johanns thread - I think the kitchen could get a more lively light mood by some adjustments from the last posts - relation day light vs. artificial light, sun intensity and and lower ambient. johann p. Maybe you could test it, I would be curious how the scene would be looking. ;)