Broadcast fixed scene with avatar for audience while VR

  • Dear Enscape team,

    Thank you for your amazing work ! The use of your SKP plugin has been a been a lifechanging experience for the past few months ; my clients are amazed with my renderings and my ability to modify their project in real time.

    Last month, I bought the Oculus Rift S and it brought this to a whole new level of both entertainment and profesionalism ! However, I would like to suggest a small feature request :

    1. because of Covid, I do a lot of presentations via conference tools, so I am the one wearing the VR Device ;
    2. while it's an amazing experience for me to navigate in their projects and show them the tour, they tell me it's sometimes hard to follow where I am looking at
    3. could it be that while someone is wearing the VR Device, Enscape is broadcasting a fixed scene with the avatar of that person moving inside the 3D Model ?

    Thanks for your feedback !


  • Hey thefinepinocchio , welcome to our forum and thanks for your idea. :)

    This has been requested before, I'm adding your feedback and upvote to the feature request on our agenda, to reflect the further demand for this implementation. Thanks!