Render quality higher than "Ultra" for screenshots.

  • The Enscape quality levels are essential. Draft, medium, high, and Ultra to get videos and images. In the highest quality (ultra) to get and image (screenshot) it could take to your computer like 20-50 seconds to get it. It's awesome because it is very fast. But the quality of this render is good but not super.

    Maybe it could be another quality level higher tan "Utra". Maybe one "Superultra" or something like that. It's not necessary that you could use this quality to walk through the project in VR or in live, but it would be a good option to get renders. For me is not a problem if my computer takes 5-10 minutes to get and image that it could be better quality than "Ultra" with improved light and textures.

  • Thank you for your post. :)

    Something which has been requested before plenty of times, I'm further upvoting the dedicated feature request on our agenda. Please keep in mind that if there would be an easy way to implement a "Superultra" or "Photorealistic" mode or such, we'd do it - but it's technically more complex than that. Still, you can 100% expect further improvements in the overall graphical fidelity of Enscape in any case!

  • Demian Gutberlet On the other side the "plenty of times" should be a serious sign for a strong missed feature. ;) For example more samples against reflection noise should not such a problem or?

    There are, of course, a bunch of other features which are being requested plenty of times, we just have to allocate our resources into the features which we think will benefit our customers the most. Since we're steadily growing, we will have more resources of course in the future, and reflection noise (or reflections) is a topic which is being improved upon steadily.

  • +1

    I think features such as "collaboration" will be somewhat useful to some users, but a feature to get even better quality final results would be useful to nearly everybody.

    I love how Enscape is real time, but there is a compromise in terms of image quality when compared to something like V-ray, Corona etc, especially in things like mirror reflections and artificial lighting.

    If Enscape could get much closer to the more traditional rendering engines then it would be a no compromise solution. If that is not possible with the same real time engine, then maybe you could have a secondary non-real time engine for this purpose. Something like Eevee and Cycles for Blender.

  • Zoom Is it allowed to use the Eevee engine for own products? If I remember me right, people ask to get Eevee as engine for Rhino and the McNeel says, this isn't allowed.

    I gave Blender as an example of having 2 render engines - a real time one, and one for best possible results. I didn't mean that Enscape should use either of those engines, but if it did then it would need Cycles, not Eevee.

    While Blender's licence is GPL which I believe doesn't allow its use in commercial software, the Cycles engine is Apache 2.0, so it could theoretically be used by Enscape as a secondary engine if that was technically possible.