2pt perspective - will we ever get it?

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  • I have begged for a solution to this and I am surprised that I have seen several updates and still no solution to get a 2 point perspective to match up with SketchUp. When will we see this option - It's honestly one of the biggest missing features for architectural artists in my opinion. Without 2 point, I am not sure I can use Enscape of most of my projects in all honesty.

  • I've been making do with turning off camera sync in order to render 2pt views. However, I agree you should be able to sync ALL views between SU and Enscape.

    I used ortho the other day to do a cutaway floor plan and the lack of syncing meant I couldn't use my SU view and I had to scroll in to the crop that I wanted (Seems like the ortho view defaults to extents, even when I save the zoomed in view as an SU view.) It was a long way to crop, as I have a large site model under my building, so the ortho in Enscape defaults to showing the whole model.

    Enscape developers - can we please just synchronize all views?

  • I was able to overlay sketchup lines onto an enscape rendering by setting sketchup and enscape output to "screen" and match view.

    its a really bad workaround because it takes a few extra steps and you cant make a rendering larger than your screen resolution (1080x1920) which is almost useless except for small thumbnails.

    it doesnt have 2 point but at least it kind gets a good massing model with dwg lines over layed.

    there are alot of features that just arent being addressed. The devs have switched from improving functionality of basic modules to expanding to new platforms like vectorworks.

  • Enscape supports the Two-Point Perspective if you select it in the Enscape perspective mode. But you talk about that we take the perspective information from the SketchUp view, right?

  • Thomas, that is precisely the issue. It's impossible to get a 1:1 match of a SketchUp 2pt view and the Enscape view. The 2pt views do not match up. (Yes, you can scale and reposition one or the other to match in post-processing, but if you're trying to set up any sort of batch process, that's not effective.)

  • Enscape supports the Two-Point Perspective if you select it in the Enscape perspective mode. But you talk about that we take the perspective information from the SketchUp view, right?

    Yes. The issue is setting up a 2pt perspective as a SketchUp scene and having that match the panning and zooming that is performed in SketchUp to get your view the way you want it to look in SketchUp, match in Enscape. Enscape ignores these panning and zooming movements when 2pt is enabled.

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  • on ENS 3.0 it still seems not to work.. I didn't even noticed 2PP is in ENS till now.. but though direction of view is OK the panning is ignored or rather strange.. I had synchronization on and panned the view in sKetchup which didn't do any changes in ENS Preview, but when I clicked Create Scene on ENS Toolbar it added it as it was in sketchup not in ENS.. AND when I go in ENS to 2PP and do some LMB and then Create Scene.. It adds it in normal perspective even though both ENS and sketchup are in 2PP..

  • I Have Version 3.0 of Enscape now and 2PP still is not working, but there is a work around which makes it usable. Good enough for me at least..


    You have capture the view from ENS cos ENS preview window still doesn't react for paning view in sketchup when in 2PP. When You have the view You like Create View in View Management. sKetchup will add a scene in normal perspective which looks close enough to recognize which view You meant.. Now to get the view which You were actually creating... > choose the sceen in sKetchup > turn on Synchronize Views (to get camera in position) > turn it off (so You can change perspective) > go to ENS preview window end select 2PP

    You should get back the view which You were saving (creating) (I didn't test if it is pixel by pixel the same, I didn't resize any windows etc..)

    Whats important! If You have different FOV in different sceens make sure it is the same in ENS Preview window and in scene in sKetchup.. (same of course considering that sKetchup's is Vertical and ENS's horizontal). So it is good to remember which FOV You were using in ENS when Creating View.. You could create Visual Presets and link them to View but I am not sure if particularly FOV is saved there even though it is set up in Visual settings