Use vray materials in enscape - Rhino

  • Hi,

    So I'm new to enscape and fairly new to rendering in general. I am using Rhino 6, with Enscape as the render export/video maker. However I have been using vray for materials, and they all have a very high reflection/glossiness when rendering out in enscape. I saw a post somewhere saying that vray materials don't work well with enscape but no solution/workaround for somebody who like me has all the materials already set, and mapped. I was hoping somebody might have some advice on how to either get the vray materials into materials that render better with enscape or a potential tweak to the materials in vray that would remove the gloss/make the two plugins work better together. Thanks for any advice.

  • Currently we do not support VRay materials but there is a story regarding this issue in our developer agenda, and I have up-voted it on your behalf in the meantime.

    There is no workaround to this that I am aware of unfortunately, we simply do not support these at the present time.