[REQ] Background Color other than White / Transparent Png export or TGA with alpha

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  • Several requests here related to backgrounds and improvements for compositing workflow.

    1) the current white background is great (but ;) I can never get it completely white. Can we just have an option for pure white as background?

    2) can we have an option for a black background (or user selected color) AND allow it to be PURE black, or PURE <insert color here>

    3) this has been requested before but just gonna do it here as well because its related. Transparent png, or even just tga with an alpha channel included, would be VERY useful for compositing workflows.

    Thank you

  • Hii,

    is not exactly what you ask for in number 3 but now its possible to export png alpha channel. Then you can open them in photoshop via imatge stacks and you will have the render, the alpha channel and some others if you want in layers.

  • Unless I am missing something, no.

    An image stack requires selecting multiple images, and is specific to Photoshop. That is a workaround, with limited flexibility.

    Are you able to export a png from Enscape (not a seperate MatID pass) and then open just the color png file with alpha information included? That is the request.

    This is a type of output that is very common among rendering software.... a png, tga, etc which includes alpha information in the file itself. This type of file can be opened by itself and composited cleanly.

    If you are opening one file it may seem trivial to use a MatID pass, magic wand, mask, etc...... but consider doing that for a sequence / animation.

  • Well, yes I'm sorry, I was mistaken. I wrote that fast from memory and I did it wrong. You can export the Object-ID, Matirial-ID and Deph Channel in png but not the alpha channel and they are not transparent.

    So yes, your request would be great.