Material UV Problem.

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  • Is the material applied at the face level or the component/group level? If the latter is the case, SketchUp reports the wrong UVs via the API, no chance for Enscape.

    Another pitfall with Enscape und UVs: For performance reasons Enscape uses very small precision, which normally is no problem, but if you have UVs with large numbers, that's a problem. (e.g. all Us between 10000 and 10001). Same problem applies if the texture has a large width/height applied (a few hundred meters are problematic).

    If this doesn't help, send me (or our support) the model (or just the road), we'll take a look!

  • Simon thank you for quick response as always, It is applied on face nor group. Also I have use a plug-in "fredo6 paint tool" for having an curved uv. I guess thats the problem, but I have no other way to get the road material on curved faces. I will try some solutions and let you know. And send you the file if I can not succeed.

  • We typically have the stripes modeled and set just above the paving surface that way we can assign separate materials for paving and for paint. An alternative could be to model the stripes into the road surfaces since you are in sketchup and use separate materials, then you could get up close and it would still look good.

  • Thank you for the test image. Then we should say that the problem is not about the quad mapping, it work fine in your image.

    Here is my surface. Its not clear as your surface, maybe thats why the uv is going wrong to enscape.

    (after having the uv problem I modelled the dashed lines, this is not the original surface I overwrote on it :( )