VR with Valve Index

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    Hophopper , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum! :)

    The Valve Index should work fine with Enscape, but the controller models won't be "correct", you'll see the models of a different headset in this case. We have not tested the Index with Enscape ourselves just yet, but also because of the fact that it's sold out everywhere at the moment. May I ask where you've acquired the device, or did you have in your possession for a while? There is of course no need to answer that question, I'm just curios.

  • Hello, i'm about to buy a VR headset, but i didn't yet.

    I have time to wait, so i can wait for having a valve index in a near future.

    But i'm wondering if it would be better to have, for example, an oculus rift-S because it would probably work better with 3D softwares like enscape.

    You, for example, what would you prefer to have as VR headset ? Which one would be recommanded by Enscape now and in a near futur ?

    Maybe it's possible to have a Valve Index on the head and oculus controllers in the hands ? It could work you think ?

    Thank you very much for your answer !

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    Good question! :)

    In that case I can really only say that the Oculus Rift S is a great device - Setup is done in a few minutes and you can just jump right into VR, it is really a breeze not having to setup any sensors as well, at the cost of some tracking accuracy - but, the Rift S works perfectly fine in that regard in both Enscape and any games I've played with it so far, so keep in mind that I might be a touch biased. ;) Also, I have the Index pre-ordered, and that device is about to ship in perhaps 1-2 months - but, it is really a lot more expensive compared to the Rift S. For the index you want to buy the headset itself, the controllers of course, and the sensors, that will summed up cost you twice as much as the Rift S, BUT, the image quality and Field of View is better. I have not gotten a chance to try it myself and I really may cancel the order since I'm so happy with the Rift S.

    It also depends on your hardware. The Rift S can be run fine even with medium hardware, but the Valve Index is happy with some high-end GPU actually - given that the resolution is just higher on that screen and it has a higher refresh rate (90hz to 144hz) compared to the 80hz of the Rift S, which basically just means how many FPS (frames per second) are being fed to the device. If it drops below a stable 80 FPS for example, then you may experience some lag, even though Oculus and Valve (SteamVR) have implemented techniques to at least reduce as much motion sickness caused by this lag as possible.

    So. Overall not easy to say which one YOU should go for - if you have the money and patience, you can go for the Index and maybe reduce the resolution a bit depending on your hardware - the Oculus controllers pretty surely won't work the Index though since they are both different eco-systems. But, as far as I know something like the HTC Vive controllers should work, they would also be fine for Enscape but I'm not a big fan of them when it comes to Games. Also up to your preference in that regard.

    If you wanna go with the easy route, without having to think too much into this, go for the Rift S. The controllers are fully supported, the device is fully supported, no long waiting times, costs half as much as the index, but the image quality is still pretty great in my opinion. :)

    I hope this helps you a bit!

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    OK, I'm going to think about all those informations, and i'll make my choice.

    Knowing all that, maybe oculus could be better, i've a bit of time to think about it !

    Thank you very much for all those very usefull informations, it really helps !

    Anytime! :)

  • OK, I'm going to think about all those informations, and i'll make my choice.

    Knowing all that, maybe oculus could be better, i've a bit of time to think about it !

    Thank you very much for all those very usefull informations, it really helps !

    The Index works fine with Enscape through SteamVR. The ordering situation may be different in different countries, but in the US there is an 8+ week lead time for the Index. You can "reserve" a headset now, and when it becomes available you have a week to complete your payment. You have nothing to lose by putting an order in.

    Right now I greatly prefer the Index over everything else - besides the visuals, the physical headset just feels more "premium" (we have tried them all.) It has hardware IPD and lens distance adjustments - they did a really nice job. The Rift S is fine but a little lacking in comparison - the face foam is a cheap thin band and the fit just doesn't feel as good. Though I do appreciate the direct Enscape support and not having to mess with Steam.

    I would also suggest the HP Reverb - nothing else matches the resolution but you'll need a beefy GPU to keep up with it. Inside-out tracking, no base stations needed. Downside is having to use Windows Mixed Reality - in addition to SteamVR - but it works well enough. The other thing there is HP has announced a revised headset (in partnership with Valve) coming later this year. Same resolution but nicer hardware. (I would note the the current gen feels pretty nice anyway... the only flaw is the cable is really thick/heavy compared to the relatively lightweight headset.)

    The Oculus has been pretty lacking in stock lately too, the HP might be the easiest one to get right now.

  • Hello,

    which headset you choose depends on different factors.

    You should really consider getting the Oculus Quest. With the Quest you dont need any base stations for the tracking and you can have Wireless VR (with a not officially supported workaround). And even if the wireless feature is not important for you, you should prefer it to the Rift S, simply because with the link cable it works just like the Rift S and even has a better resolution.

    So the quest has the best value for money.

    the HTC headset should be good too and you can get a wireless adapter but this is an extra feature which costs around 400€.

    It is said the index has the best quality but they havent announced a wireless feature yet. and in terms of quality the quest is great.