Crash with transparency maps output adjustments

  • Hello!

    Steps to reproduce:

    - In Rhino, create a plane surface.

    - Assign a new material, type Custom.

    - In Material Properties > Textures > Transparency, load some image (I tested PNG, TGA - both crash).

    - Start Enscape. The surface is displayed correctly, with transparency.

    - In the properties of the transparency map > Output Adjustment, change anything. Click OK.

    - Enscape crashes with a fast exit, including Rhino.

    Thanks for looking into this!

  • Hello!

    Just tried again - it crashes.

    Try this png texture:

    test alpha.png

    What I just did:

    - Open Enscape (or later, does not matter).

    - Create a plane, assign a new material, put the texture in the Transparency slot.

    - Enscape shows the transparent cross correctly.

    - In the material, go to the Transparency map options, click 'Invert'.

    - Enscape and Rhino crash.

    It does not make much sense to send you a file, because it's so trivial.

    Hardware: nVidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super, latest drivers (442.19).

    Will use the feedback button also.


  • Have you already received support after you've sent in the report? Let me know in case not, then I'll double check myself too.