Align camera to path

  • Hi

    Love Enscape- but I do find the camera path editing tools a bit limited.

    I fairly regularly have to resort to manually editing the XML file

    I'd like to request a tool to align the camera to the path (vertically and horizontally)

    When I edit camera positions, it takes a fair bit of time to manually align the camera to the path- otherwise the camera is in a skewed 'tracking' orientation relative to the path


  • Welcome to our forum and thank you for your request - can you perhaps elaborate on that a touch more? The path and the cameras are intertwined, which means that if you change the camera's location you'll also change the path of course. Regarding the "skewed tracking orientation" is there a chance you could other provide us with an video of that or send me the corresponding XML file? That would be very helpful!

  • Hi Barney and Demian,

    I am not sure if you are referring to the vertical and horizontal angles between the camera and the path?

    I do bird eye videos and getting a smooth movement video is not as easy as in walk mode as you are moving in height also, changing the view point, approaching, looking up and down, etc.

    Before Enscape 2.7, the way I used to get a minimum control on the vertical and horizontal angles of the camera was using as a reference the section of the path (black circle) when editing the frames, so with the distances of that circle to the white reference grid I could get certain control.

    Now with Enscape 2.7 the path is not seen when editing a frame (it would be useful having the possibility of turning it on/off). There aren't neither parameters to enter numerically vertical and horizontal camera angles.

    Please see the attachments.

    Is there a way in Enscape 2.7 to control this?