Alot of problems with Enscape - Why are you charging full price for broken/basic program

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  • You are also kind of "threatening" us with your students

    the fact is i want your program to be better, it has potential. my students are currently using Lumion 10 now. i want to switch to enscape. It wasnt a threat but i was addressing mr. medmonds statment that he has 35 years experience. i am the department head of digital design at an interior design / architecture construction technology college with about 300 students. that is just a fact. i didnt address that to the escape staff or to anyone else in that statement nor did i follow up with any type of "or else". so dont take that as me "taking my ball and going home". its just saying, hey, i think i also know what i am talking about yah?

    The fact that you are a teacher is just so sad. I really do not hope you teach your students anything about communication and collaboration... I've never seen anything as unprofessional as the way you handle this.

  • ...a few thoughts also from me although most of it was mentioned already. Yes, also for me Enscape is far from being where I would "bake" it for me.
    However, if Enscape would be where everyone would bake for him/herself according to his/her personal preferences or needs, it would likely be an indifferent tool. Many of the "flaws" brought up are flaws which Enscape never claimed to have covered so far.

    To teach students (even more than 300 at once!) should not fail to reflect the wide range of available rendering tools. For many rendering tasks, Enscape is definitely not the right tool. Also I post regular work here, which are not made with Enscape which is ok in this forum and Enscape tolerates and endures this.
    So I assume that most users here also use several tools side by side. Do I value certain features, which Enscape does not cover, I use a different tool from the beginning - it's as simple as that. There is no Enscape usage obligation ;)

    And I regularly ask Enscape to add the one or other missing feature - just like everyone else does it here.

    If your students are inexperienced yet, don't forget to also teach them the frustration of waiting sometimes for hours for an ordinary HD render! For all (justified or not) shortcomings, Enscape promises one thing and keeps this promise: Whatever you have to deliver until the sun goes down or your lesson is finished: You will be finished and you will have any presentable result then, whether with shortcut or not !!!! - This one fact alone - with all that is in need of improvements - was my reason to introduce enscape for me and my team...

    Maybe it's these so strange times right now with isolation, home office, shaky internet connections here and there, why communication runs in the wrong direction. One forum member above said "Chill" - and I think this is a so good advice...

  • I'm impressed that lost his patient after 34 post only - this is record. ;) Enscape is definitely not the right software for you. ;)

    But I'm not sure which software would be the right for an impatient perfectionist. My impression is that the complexity of modern software coding is to high, issues grows faster than features. On the other side my impression is that programmers doesn't share the view of the users and fundamental issues are not fixed, because the developers doesn't see how critical the issues are. So, the best for the user is to have a handful of tools to solve different projects. Enscape is quite limited, but within in this limits the results are impressive. But as user don't expect that the limits are fast moving away. It's a very slow process. You don't get what you want, but you can be surprised what you get.

    After a hot time of Enscape using I decide me to go back to my classical render engine. If a project should match the limits of Enscape than I will use it again. For the moment I'm observing the Enscape evolution process only and hope my personal Enscape limits are solved some day. For me it would be great to be able to use a kind of news letter function where I get a note when my critical issues are solved. ;) (For example my client doesn't accept metal reflection noise and incomplete mirror reflections.)

  • maybe you are ok with spending full price on a basic program or paying the development of platforms that you will never use. Not me. I actually hate it.

    Then why are you still here and throwing hissy fits? Your behavior is unprofessional at best and might let quite a bunch of people question your credibility and ability to adequately convey knowledge to a younger generation.

  • Basically, my question is: why the hell did you buy a software you were aware was lacking this number of fundamental features?

    I usually don't buy a new pair of shoes hoping that the next model will be softer. And most of all, I don't bruise Nike about being slow in the development of my new pair of shoes.

    The world of CGI is full of softwares: I believe you haven't bought them all, you must have choosed! Well, choose another one then.

  • The fact that you are a teacher is just so sad. I really do not hope you teach your students anything about communication and collaboration... I've never seen anything as unprofessional as the way you handle this.

    I would love to find out where this guy teaches. Poor students to have to face this guy during reviews...

  • Well this thread was an entertaining break.

    This is a classic case of learning frustrations of using a new tool. Yes lot of improvements can be made but Enscape isn't a UE, Lumion, or Twinmotion. The sooner you accept that they better off you are. Enscape does a good job.