Unable to use online asset library, but the link is normal

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  • 找到解决办法了吗?国内论坛有插件,不过好麻烦的样子


    Have you found a solution? There are plugins for domestic forums, but it's so troublesome

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    sylj2060 and gozzbb , sorry to hear about that - can you both please send in a feedback report as described here? Thank you very much in advance. :)

  • Dear guys,

    I am currently a lumion user and I am thinking of switching to enscape due to futures. But I do I will like know of Any chance enscape could create an asset library download link for people working from a 3rd world countries were the internet connection is non accessible.

    It will be good if one can download the asset library and save it for future use.

    It is annoying working from a remote area and not having access to the asset library.

    There are times when one is traveling and need to work from a remote location and no internet connection.

    Please do something about that.

    Enscape is the best rendering software available in the market today.

    Before buying a license for any software, the above mentioned is what I look for.

    Please do something about it.

    Thank you.

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    Yaqub bah , thanks a lot for your feedback and welcome to our forum!

    We're looking into ways to help with this in the future, I've also gladly forwarded your feedback and upvote to the existing offline-library request on our agenda. Thanks!