Skybox and Lighting Problem

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  • Dear Enscape 3D Team

    I loaded a night Skybox in my Rhino scene but it shows the skybox very bright, as if the scene is set to daytime and I don't know where to change this to get a night scene?

    Also I can't change the Radius and the Intensity of my Lights (Pointlight) is this just not possible at the moment, or did I miss something?

    Thank you very much,



  • Hi Miriam,

    every color besides black in a skybox will light up your scene. You can control the brightness of your skybox in the Enscape settings in our latest preview version:

    Regards your lighting:

    You changed the light properties in Rhino but it wasn't updated in Enscape?

  • Thank you very much for your answer!

    I downloadet the update and now the Skybox problem is solved.

    Yes exactly, I change Intensity of the pointlight but it stays the same brightness in Enscape. The intensity only changes as I change the daylight, means, when it's night the pointlight is very strong and all white, when I change the day time to sunset, then the point light is softer and not so strong, but also then I cannot control it with Rhino settings.

  • It was enabled, but after I disabled it i still couldnt control the light.

    I also opened a new file, only with some cubes (I thought maybe it's the file size) but it doesn't work either.

  • That was it! I was trying to manage the lights with the vray settings and didn't realise it.. a real beginners mistake.. I changed the renderer to rhino and now it works, of course.

    Thank you so much!