How have you been using Enscape lately?

  • Dear Forum Community,

    because of the current global crisis, many of you are working from home and have had to adjust to this new situation. We want to know how Enscape has enhanced your workflow! If you want the chance to have your personal story showcased at an upcoming online event, tell us this: where have you used Enscape in an unexpected, interesting, and valuable way in this time of pandemic and economic struggle?

    Thank you so much in advance for your responses, we really appreciate it. :)

  • Honestly, the thing I appreciate in this moment about Enscape is continuity. I am self-employed and was already working from home, so your continued support here on this forum and in product development is what has been most valuable to me.

    Though, I have to say, the surge in interest in virtual walk-throughs for marketing new apartment projects has been a significant change in my work. Enscape is exactly what I need to provide that product.

  • We've been doing a small online ad blitz towards our local market and Enscape has made it easy to get a variety of content out without having to drive around to client homes and take pictures. We're also hoping to raise more awareness at our firm in general about our 3D/VR capabilities, with the hope of perhaps using it as a tool to help realtors sell homes "virtually"! No real hits yet on that, but we're just getting started (plus there's still a lot of time to go before people feel comfortable making any moves).

    As always, it's a really great and efficient design tool. For example, it's immediately apparent if putting in full height cabinetry vs counter height cabinets makes the kitchen feel too crowded or not. Especially useful if I'm building a model based on survey data and I'm not able to go to the client's home or couldn't join the survey due to SIP. Hard to really feel what a space is like without being there, which Enscape helps.

    In terms of online benefits, Enscape's really useful for taking the guesswork out of client's understanding the design, especially when you can't be there in person. Lots of clients struggle with understanding plans especially early on, and when you can't be there in person to talk them through it, it can be a problem. So Enscape has been useful for bridging that gap.

  • I have recently used Enscape for a project of a temporary antiCOVID hospital in Milan. The timings were really tight and my team and I were amazed by the flexibility of your tool. Used in combnation with my beloved SketchUp we've been able to get great images of the project, along with a cost estimation (using a dynamic component system we have developed). I think I could post some images if you're interested!

  • We use Enscape as part of our BIM flow for the design of commercial projects. We generate independent executable models, and we share them with the project stakeholders, and we receive feedback, since it allows us to see the model containing materials, texture, lighting, something that files in IFC format do not allow. Currently there are not many tools that can allow us this, especially since they generate 7 GB independent executable files while 150MB Enscape.


  • I work for a company doing Photography and Floorplans and EPC reports for real estate agents in the UK. Over the period an oppotunity arose to model a house from floorplans and camera phone photos taken by the tenant.

    The purpose was to be able to do a virtual tour for prospective buyers. After modelling the whole house and using a mixture of enscape and 3dwarehouse assets, we produced a walkthrough video, multiple stills, 360 panos and the low res online interavtive model.

    It was a big success and I think solved the problem to a good extent, Enscape made it a fast and revisable process without too much hassle.

  • Uso Enscape con Revit en forma permanente, si no tengo Enscape mi capacitación

    leer de diseño modificado. Lo uso para todo, para diseñar, para verificar interferencias, para mostrar los proyectos y no de cuantas cosas más.

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