artificial light objects in vectorworks

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  • Hi Guys,

    first of all - wanted to thank you for the opportunity to explore the beta until october

    it looks so good and promising!!

    couple of questions ahead -

    1. I'm trying to model a simple room, I've created a rectangle and extruded it in order to make it a ceiling and I've snapped the "ceiling" object to the walls -

    still when I'm going to Enscape render mode the sunlight still comes through and any change of the "time of the day" setting will change the ambient of the room as well.

    anything i'm doing wrong? or this is the way it suppose to be?

    2. I've tried to add to the room some artificial light sources from the vectorworks default library, some basic stuff such as lamp shades and chandaliers

    I've turned them on through vectorworks and I can see them shine in vectorworks through the openGL render mode

    but somehow I can't see them on in Enscape, any solution for this?

    3. what is the process for adding a glow to a model? for example a Hidden LED Strip / Light rope (those ones you're using for backlight a kitchen counter or a TV Screen?

    4. One thing I've discovered meanwhile exploring mirror textures over Enscape -
    I didn't succeed to reflect a mirror thorough another mirror (picture attached for details)
    Is it something that is going to be fixed later on or is it part of the limitations of the software?

    5. I'm a lighting & Stage designer (mostly shows, concerts and events)
    I'm working along with the vectorworks spotlight model

    is there any chance in the future that we could turn on moving lights from the spotlight module as well? It already exist in Spotlight workspace (I can turn on moving light fixtures and I can see the beam and the footprint in 3D in renderworks)
    It would help a lot to have a simple visualization of those in Enscape in order to show our costumers simple looks of light beams and colors when we are designing stages and events.

  • I fear, at the moment, that it doesn't works yet. :/

    In particular, I need to add spot, omni and 'emitter' material, like a monitor emitter or some strip led.

    Anyway, it seems to be a great engine.

    My workflow is, today, VW -> C4d+Octane render

    Octane is very very powerful, but it isn't RT, even using RTX cards

    Thank you for your help


    P.S. maybe the 'Enscape-2.8.0-preview.3+22363' new version could fix that?

  • Code
    are the lighting problems still present? I solved my lights with area light source or line light source (You can find it in Vectorworks under "3D-Modell" there are these Options). When the objects are selected as the light source, the glow works in Enscape. Here is an example.... 
    I also have the problem with the mirror. It doesn't reflect the dancers (in my example) correctly. Enscape has not yet found a solution. They are working on it