Party suite - from found model

  • I've been inspired by these fantastivc renderings, and since I'm not currently working on anything as sexy I came across an interesting free model on Turbo Squid of a Dining room. Thought I'd try my hand at changing the mood a little, and seeing how it renders in Enscape. Most of the materials are from the sketchup model with a few tweaks to add some pop.

    The model is this found here

  • I think if you add a real cutout people to the scene will make the shots looks more real than the enscape people, I wish that Enscape team will improve the people collection so they look more real, Except this point everything looks perfect.

    Thanks. The trick is always matching the room lighting with cut outs. While the 3d assets could be better resolution in the faces, the lighting in the room is refelcted on them better and easier then if I used cutouts. Most of them look great, but there are a few that are better suited for farther away from the camera.