• Dear enscape team, you've made great tool!:thumbsup:

    looking forward to making it workig with grasshopper - for creative animations, suchs as moving, appearing, transforming and so on... that would realy helpfull for concept presentations

    AND will realy beat other rendering engines

    just think about it : Rhino + Grasshopper + Enscape! Wooooooooow:evil:

  • Welcome to our forum, thanks for your feedback which I've gladly forwarded! ;) You're not the first to request this, but at the moment there is nothing else I can share so far. I'll let you know when this changes!

  • +1 for this request. I thought i had actually made this suggestion before.... certainly being able to see unbaked grasshopper geometry would be awesome!! similar to how vray are now including this kind of workflow.

    Thank you very much, of course I have gladly forwarded your feedback and upvote. :)