Rendering presets

  • I`ve seen the new release of Lumion and the only thing that cached my eye was the ability to quickly change between lighting presets (interior, exterior, sunrise, sunset etc.). Is it possible to have something similar available?

    Also i would love to see a chromatic aberration implemented in Enscape.

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  • Tudor Schinagel  Pieter You can change daytime and save different times of day in the Revit views for the same position. In addition you could save different settings for each time of day.

    I've forwarded your request to our developers as well.

  • Pieter i know about those settings. I was wondering if the sky presets could be available in the exported standalone file. Jonathan Knoefel also i can change the daytime in different scenes in Sketchup. But for my clients that are not so technology inclined would be great. For example, in the standalone executable scene, like the minimap, an overlay with different presaved lighting conditions (day, night, sunny, cloudy, interior, exterior)
    anyway i was just bouncing ideas.
    after 3 months of Enscape, i am drawn to it like a kid to a toystore. I try to use my "usual toys", C4D render, Octane Render etc. but every single time i start using them i hear a voice in the back of my head saying "F*$% it! this is too slow! go back to Enscape!"

    it`s like

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