Zoom Extents

  • Hi, just a quick one. I sometimes lose the model through zooming or panning or often the opening screen brings to me to distant view of the object where I have to pan or zoom for a long time to "reach" it in the frame.

    Is there a quick way (keyboard shortcut) to zoom extents to take me straight to the content?


  • Answering my own question here but I remembered that you can use the arrow up/down/left\right keys to get "elevation" views of the object. This will automatically zoom to fit which is a work around. Although i would still be interested if there is a zoom to fit shortcut that keeps the same angle.

    Also while we are on it.... is there a way to view in plan? I feel like when I try to navigate to a "flat" plan view the panning bottoms out and I am unable to get to a vertical "birds eye" perspective.

    Merci a tous.