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  • I assume I have posted my previous post (Problems since installing Revit 2021) in the general forum that I posted this issue in the wrong location. Moderators, please move thread as appropriate. Further explorations into this issue have resulted in the following:

    1. Original Problem - A floor with a 90 degree pattern applied does not stay orthogonal to the edges of the rectangular floor.

    a. True North and Project North are slightly different, perhaps that is related.

    b. Posted question probably in wrong forum.

    2. Assume lastest Enscape 2.8+ preview, might have a fix. Download and install to test.

    a. Did not repair the issue with material not remaining orthogonal

    3. Create a new project and only create floor and apply material.

    a. Material renders square to edge and remains orthogonal.

    b. Duplicate material, rename and save to library as new name.

    4. Return to original project

    a. Create new floor type, create a floor in the project and apply newly created material from library - New material shows rotated on new floor

    b. Change between Project North and True North, both material stays out of square

    c. Link in floor from newly created project into orginal project

    1. Material on linked floor remains orthogonal, but newly created floor in original project with new materal assigned remains out of square.

    2. Both original material and new material are tried on new floor, neither material remains orthogonal.

    d. Note other materials, grass patterning, roof material remain square as expected - Is this an issue with floor types only?

    5. Render image and create notes and attach to this email.

    My other tread notes a visibility issue of icons on the Enscape menu (in Revit 2020) after I installed Revit 2021. After installing Enscape Preview 2.8 the icons are back on Revit 2020, but Enscape loads really slowly. I had to manually kill all Revit sessions with Task Manager to get 2.8 to install.

    I also restarted the machine after installation and testing to see if that resolved anything. It did not.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Robertpolk , could you briefly share that example project with me, that would be great. I remember hearing about this behavior before, which was due to technical reasons/limitations. I'll discuss this once more with our developers.

  • I have spoken with Autodesk and we resolved the issue, however without an explanation for what caused it. Somehow a reference plane became embedded in a floor definition (according to the support person it wasn't supposed to be that way). Anyway, when I suggested using the " view workplane" when we were exploring solutions, it showed the plane properly in the screen view, but when modifying the floor the edit mode was rotated. A little bizarre. With enough experimenting we were able to get the floor pattern corrected, but no real answer as to what caused the issue. The initial work around for those interested:

    As the linked Revit model had the pattern oriented correctly, the support person selected the inserted link, then tabbed to the floor, selected it and hit copy, and then hit paste into the working project. Revit then inserted the floor as an object with the correct pattern orientation. Honestly, I didn't realize you could do that so easily, though it makes senses you could. The question we then spent about an hour working through was how the rotated pattern got that way as it never corrected even when selecting match properties between the rotated and correct floors. We did finally get it corrected as noted above, but without an understanding of what caused it.