Maximum Number of Polygons

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  • Dear all,

    Like the title say, I want to know if the program as a maximum number of polygons to take in considerations, I'm about to put Enscape to test with a shopping mall of 1 Kilometer long with a marina an lots of furniture and Palm trees,

    Any advice before I start will be very well received :P!

    Specs: Intel Xeon E5-1650 V3 3.50Ghz / 8GB GTX 1080 / 32GB Ram

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best Regards

  • There is no polygon limit. However, it may increase the time it takes to load Enscape, affect the performance and some high-poly objects might not show up in reflections.

    So in general, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the polygon count but we rarely hear reports that polycount turns out to be an issue.

  • Thank You very much Thomas!

    Sorry for the size of the Views but due to a client confidentiality I can't share bigger size images, the idea is to bring this mall to live with VR, and to be honest looks pretty awesome taking in consideration that the SKP model is 500Mb+ (managing carefully the overall geometry, but keeping high polygon quality models) and have 60+ Million polygons, I think this answer the question by it self!

    Obviously I have a new question and i hope you can help me! there is anyway that you can visualize in VR with the same quality than for the renderings?

    Please do not misunderstand me, the quality of the VR itself is good, I assume is to keep a better balance during the VR visualization.

    Thank You again!

    Best Regards,

  • Yes it is possible. Set the quality slider in the settings to ultra and given the right machine you will get a decent quality!

  • Julio Puccini I had a Sketchup model that contain 3d trees adn car models and lots of building imported from 3dmax. The size of the model is about 1.2gb (didn't know the polygon number). And I can run encape very well. As Thomas mention, It just takes long time than the normal in loading phase. Besides, I have a lower graphic card than you (Geforce GTX 970)

  • Tagging onto VR performance, it seems if there are too many reflective surfaces, or too many lights, at least on a HTC Vive, when you turn your head you start seeing the black environment and white GRID until the Sketchup model is built in the headset (it also starts stuttering).

    Would be great to know what to avoid to prevent preformance issues, in a FAQ.

    1. Do too many reflective surfaces affect this? (Floor, wall of glass. objects in wall?) I assume yes?

    2. It sounds like polygon count is not an issue.

    3. Do too many lights affect this? I assume yes?

    4. Do too many transparent PNG surfaces affect this? (for example perforated surfaces) I assume yes?

    It would be great to know which items tax the software and hardware the most.

    We are using a 1080GTi Card

    System is running 64GB Ram, Intel Xeon Processor E5-1630v3

  • My sketchup file is just 181 MB but it fails to load Enscape.. dont know the reason..

    My system is i7 with 16 gigs of RAM and GTX 1080 with 8 GB graphics.. Please help.

  • I have also sent a feedback with the system log file. Appending herewith the link to download sketchup file.. Its actually split into 2 parts. One is master file (Drawing and Living) and another is proxied into the first file. The proxied file is (Bedrooms). The error says "Parameter is not valid".

    Links to download skp file

    The Drawing and living file can be opened to see the error..

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    1. Yes, but a lot of glass layers are most demanding.

    2. Mostly true, but this is scene specific as well.

    3. Yes! A lot of lights can be very detrimental to the overall performance of Enscape.

    4. Not at all.

    rty Could you please give me the e-mail which was used in your feedback submission so I can check the report? Thank you!

  • Works fine in my computer ... beautiful work :)

  • I was hoping #3 was not an issue, I do work with hundreds of lights in scenes ( night time game shows) I have noticed this issue, hope y'all solve this soon.